A Visit To The Lab


You will stay with your child the whole time. The research part of your visit may take as little as 10-15 minutes, but we will schedule extra time at the beginning so your child can become comfortable in our playroom and we can answer any questions you might have. Then we will ask you to complete a consent form to allow your child to participate.


You will be able to park in our designated parking spot, located next to MIT Building 46 at 43 Vassar Street, or walk a few minutes from the Kendall/MIT MBTA station.


While the parking spot states no parking, we will give you a parking pass when you arrive that allows you to park in the spot.


This is our friend "Aiden,"* who is greeted outside by one of our researchers and brought up to our lab on the 4th floor in the elevator.


Aiden plays with Melissa before a study. In this study, we were recording Aiden's sentences. He wore a backpack with a microphone inside.

The Study

Once your child is comfortable, he or she will go with you into our testing room for the study. We will show a brief puppet show, video display, or play an interactive game. We may also play with a few age appropriate toys.

Aiden calls Elmo on the telephone.


Aiden describes a story to Elmo.


After the study, Aiden explores our playroom again and gets to take home a book and a certificate with his name.

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*"Aiden’s" parents gave special permission for these photos to be posted on the ECCL’s website. Your child's picture and information will not be shared outside of the lab, and will be kept completely confidential.