A Visit to the Lab

You will stay with your child the whole time. The study itself may take as little as 10-15 minutes, but you should allow for extra time so we can get your baby comfortable in our playroom and answer any questions you might have. Then if you are interested in the study we will ask you to complete a consent form.

This is our friend "Ian", getting acquainted with the playroom at MIT!**


Ian, playing with one of our researchers before a study.

Your baby will sit with you on your lap or in a high chair, wherever he or she is most comfortable, and we will show a brief puppet show or video display. We may also play with a few age appropriate toys.


Here is Ian, ready to watch a fun video for one of our studies.

We will look at what attracts your baby’s attention and what he or she likes to look at the longest. This tells us something about what babies expect to see and what babies are surprised by.

Videos consist of colorful shapes and simple objects that interact in interesting ways.


Ian really likes our videos!


After the study, Ian explores our playroom again.


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** Ian's parents gave special permission for him to be on our website. Your child's picture and information will not be shared outside of the lab, and will be kept completely confidential.